Cadaqués walking tour + Visit To the house museum of Salvador Dalí

Come and explore the most beautiful town in Costa Brava and Dali’s place of inspiration. Discover the history and the most special corners of Cadaqués.

In this journey to the past and origins of Cadaqués, we will discover the influence and legacy of the different civilisations that left their footprint in this mediterranean town as well as its ways of life. During this tour, we will tell you stories about pirates, fishermen, “indianos” (returned emigrants), surrealist artists and many other historic characters. 

We will walk through narrow paved streets and the beauty of Cadaqués will start to reveal. During this walking tour in the old town, you are going to walk and discover iconic places such as the jewish street called “els Calls” and the church of Cadaqués.

After our walking tour of Cadaqués, we will head towards The Salvador Dali house-museum. While making our way to Port Lligat we will tell you about the influence that Cadaqués exerted on his works and why Cadaqués became a refuge of inspiration and peace.

Immerse yourself in Dalí’s surreal world and become a Dalinian expert while discovering the landscape and environment surrounding this genius of surrealism.


Old town and jewish district 

The church of Santa María de Cadaqués


Walking route of the «old road» from Cadaqués to Portlligat

Dalí’s House in Portlligat (with tickets included)

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