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Dalí tour and guided visit to the Salvador Dalí house-museum

Are you thinking of visiting Cadaqués?

If so, you cannot leave without seeing the Salvador Dalí house-museum, which was his only permanent residence and workshop.

For years, this Dalí house has become a place of pilgrimage. And practically cult for those who admire the genius of surrealism.

And this place is much more than a striking construction. It is part of the life and work of this painter. Take a walk inside, and you will feel that its essence permeates every corner of the house.

The opportunity opens before you to visit the home of one of the geniuses of surrealist painting: Salvador Dalí.

More than a visit to the Salvador Dalí house-museum: a tour through the life of the painter

port lligat

In Girona Tour we offer you a walk not only through Salvador Dalí’s house-museum, but also through Cadaqués, and the paths that he traveled so many times and in which he was inspired by his works.

It is a journey in which we will understand Dalí from all his facets.

We will walk through the streets where the painter wandered, we will visit his house and contemplate the same landscapes that accompanied him in his day to day life.


What does the Dalí tour and the visit to the Dalí house-museum consist of?

Part of the route of this tour coincides with our historical walking route through Cadaqués (if you want more information about this route, we recommend that you take a look at the section on excursions through Cadaqués).

However, on this tour, instead of ending at 90 minutes, we will continue walking to Portlligat, and we will culminate the walk with a guided visit inside the Salvador Dalí house-museum.

So that you do not have any doubts about the route and what we do on the tour, we have prepared a detailed itinerary where we tell you everything you need to know.

Keep reading!

Itinerary and interesting information about the tour

Salvador Dalí said: “I am not the man who stole a landscape, the landscape stole me.

And it is through those landscapes that Salvador Dalí was stolen that our visit will take place, in which our guide will tell you about the controversial history of this world-renowned painter.

Our intention is to offer you a more intimate and special visit, in which we will focus on the figure of Dalí as the citizen of Cadaqués that he was.

House on the beach with access to the salvador dalí house-museum
port lligat

1. Old road from Cadaqués to Port Lligat

Our walking tour begins at Plaça Frederic Rahola, next to the statue of Dalí in Cadaqués (one of the most representative sculptures of the town).

We will start with a route along the old road from Cadaqués to Portlligat, one of Dalí’s favorite routes.

And it will be inevitable that you ask yourself:

What influence did Cadaqués have on his works?

How did this town become his haven of inspiration and peace?

How did his neighbors see him in Cadaqués?

What kind of friends did the painter have?

We will answer all these questions — along with many other anecdotes — during the walk through the historic streets of Cadaqués that the artist once toured.

We will tell you about his relationship with his family, the influence that his wife, Gala, had on him, and the curious story that brought them together.

In addition, we will see some outstanding places along the route, such as the «Casa Blaua» or «Casa Serinyana», one of the most beautiful buildings in Cadaqués.

Finally, this old path will take us to Portlligat, where Dalí’s house is located.

2. Portlligat

We enter fully into the world of Salvador Dalí.

We will get to Portlligat, where is now the Salvador Dalí House-Museum in Cadaqués.

We will continue with an explanation of the house’s gardens and we will wait a few minutes to enter the house-museum and begin our guided tour of the interior of Dalí’s residence.

dali house museum
cadaques dali

3. The Salvador Dalí house-museum

We will enter the Dalí house museum. And we will also delve into the painter’s own life.

We will review his biography, his relationships with his family, and we will see how these experiences are reflected in his creation throughout the 20th century.

We will also witness the strong bond that unites Dalí with Cadaqués, Portlligat and Cap de Creus. These landscapes play a fundamental role in his work, in which many motifs inspired by the environment in which he lived are represented.

As he said: “You cannot understand my painting without knowing Portlligat.”

Knowing Portlligat and his residence, we will get to know Salvador Dalí and his prolific work in a deeper way.

You will go through the different rooms with the feeling that the artist still lives within its walls.

And you will really see that it is so. Well, that was the essence of him forever. Each one of the corners of the house is imbued with the spirit of Salvador Dalí through his art.

What is included in the tour?

Local Guide
Ticket to the house-museum of Dalí.

Meeting Point

Plaça Frederic Rahola, next to the statue of  Dalí in Cadaqués.

Health and security measures 

Girona Tour will follow the covid measures in force at all times.

f you want more information or if you have any other questions about this or any of our excursions in Cadaqués, do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to having you on our most “scenic” tour.

dalí museum cadaques

Do you want to know more about our Dalí Tour?

If you want to fully immerse yourself in the surreal world of Salvador Dalí and know all the details and curiosities of his life, we recommend that you join our tour.

After the excursion and the guided visit to the Salvador Dalí house-museum, you will feel that you really know the genius of surrealism. So we encourage you to discover the landscapes, the home and the environment that surrounded his figure.

If you think this tour is for you, here are some more details about it:

  • Due to the nature of the tour, we do not recommend it for people with reduced mobility.
  • Access to Dalí’s house-museum is subject to ticket availability. If it is not possible to enter the Dalí museum, the visit will be limited to the gardens.
  • We recommend that you wear comfortable clothes and, of course, your mobile to immortalize your tour with some memorable photos.


How to get to the Girona Tour meeting point

The starting point of “Girona Tour: Guided Visits and Tours in Girona |” is located in the heart of Plaça de Catalunya, 17004 Girona. Although depending on the visit the meeting point may vary.

You will find us right next to the Gelateria La Gioconda ice cream parlor.
A 4-minute walk from the Jardines de la Muralla and a 3-minute walk from the Girona City Hall building.

1 minute walk from the Cadaqués Casino Bar

Shirley Colmenares
Shirley Colmenares
Me encantó! Ayer sábado 19/06 mi amiga y yo hicimos con Miquel 2 tour por Girona: en la mañana el completo y en la noche el de Misterios y Leyendas. Muy puntual, amable y con detalles interesantes y divertidos!! Además nos dio recomendaciones para visitar por nuestra cuenta y sitios para comer! La mejor forma de conocer la ciudad! Volveré por más tours 💜
Nathalie Nuñez
Nathalie Nuñez
Hemos tenido la oportunidad de disfrutar de dos tours el día de hoy y ha sido increíble la experiencia. Nuestro guía (Mikel) nos ha enseñado muchos sitios, historias y leyendas muy interesantes y entretenidas. Además siempre ha mostrado una actitud increíble. Solo puedo decir gracias 🙂 y recomendarlo 100%
Tania Trotta Freitas
Tania Trotta Freitas
El tour te ayuda a conocer los puntos claves de la ciudad y su historia, haciendo más interesante aún cada punto visitado. Lo recomiendo!
Ariadna Gallego
Ariadna Gallego
Un recorregut molt bonic per la ciutat, visitant punts emblemàtics i especials. Històries, llegendes i recomanacions gastronòmiques durant tot el tour. Personal proper i amable. Resolent qualsevol dubte a l'instant. Totalment recomanable!! Excel•lent!
Matías González
Matías González
Excelente tour!! Muy profesional y super interesante. Fue en un contexto relajado, lugares increíbles y muchísima información útil! Ha estado de 10!
Richard Daniel Graterol Ramirez
Richard Daniel Graterol Ramirez
Gran experiencia. Conocer Girona así es mucho más divertido y dinámico. 100% recomendado.
Nuria Badenas
Nuria Badenas
El free tour muy completo e interesante, aprendes muchas curiosidades de la ciudad, el guía (Miquel) muy simpático y con sentido del humor eso ha hecho que las historias fueran más entretenidas. Sin duda una buena elección.


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