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Are you thinking of visiting the old town of Girona and you are not sure which are the most important sites?

Would you like to take a tour of medieval Girona?

Our recommendation is that you join the medieval Girona route that we offer in Girona Tour.

On this visit we will discover all the important monuments, the history of medieval Girona, and we will take you on a tour where you will not miss absolutely anything and you will enjoy every corner of the old city.

Do you want to know what awaits you if you do this tour?

Well, keep reading because we show you our itinerary in detail.

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Official guide, tickets to the Arab baths

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Adult 35 Euros, Child 19. Min 10 participants. Available for private groups


1h 30min


Catalan, Spanish, Français, English

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Plaza Catalunya, Girona. Indications on the purchase receipt

Health and safety measures

Girona Tours will follow the covid measures in force at all times.

If you are ready to enjoy a unique medieval experience in the center of Girona, don’t think twice and contact us to request your Medieval Girona tour.

We will answer any questions that may arise and we will do everything possible so that you and your group enjoy the medieval city of Girona as it deserves.

Itinerary of the medieval Girona guided tour

Do you know the interesting history of medieval Girona?

In this 1 and a half hour tour through the streets of the old town of Girona we will fully immerse ourselves in it.

Next, we will tell you the most important thing and we reserve everything else for our local guide to tell you live and direct.

Let’s go there!

1. Departure from Plaça de Catalunya and tour of part of the Jewish quarter

We will meet in Plaça de Catalunya to begin our journey through the medieval city of Girona.

From here, you will visit the Jewish quarter (also known as the Call or the Jewish quarter) with our guide.

What is special about this part of the city?

It is not only one of the best preserved Jewish quarters in all of Europe, but also one of the most emblematic places in the city, where the atmosphere of yesteryear is perceived almost as if we were taking a trip back in time.

We will go back to the medieval Girona of the 12th century and we will talk about the Jewish communities that inhabited the area. We will understand how they lived with the rest of the communities, how they lived and what their customs were.

To know more about the Jewish quarter of Girona, keep reading here.

2. The cathedral of Girona

We will continue through the medieval streets of Girona to the very Cathedral of Santa María de Gerona.

We will contemplate this monument, while the guide tells us the history of this building with the widest Gothic nave in the world. Although we will only see a general overview from the outside, you can get to know it better in our post about the Cathedral of Girona.

If you are interested in visiting it from the inside, we have another tour such as the monumental Girona in which we delve into it and discover its many relics.

3. The French gardens and walk along the wall

After seeing the Cathedral, we will go to the back until we reach the French Gardens, which offer us another privileged view of this construction.

From the French gardens we will visualize the Cathedral from the back. We will delight in the tranquility that is breathed and there will be moments even to take a photo.

We will tell you where the name of the garden comes from and you will discover that a poem was even dedicated to it.

Are you curious?

4. Walk through the walls of Girona

Continuaremos el recorrido paseando por las murallas medievales.

Se dice que la construcción inicial de esta muralla data del siglo I antes de Cristo. Pero, posteriormente, fue reforzada bajo influencia romana y continuó siendo reformada durante los siglos posteriores, respondiendo a las necesidades defensivas de la ciudad y a las invasiones que, por desgracia, se produjeron.

We will continue the tour walking through the medieval walls.

The initial construction of this wall is said to date from the 1st century BC. But, later, it was reinforced under Roman influence and continued to be reformed during the following centuries, responding to the defensive needs of the city and the invasions that, unfortunately, occurred.

Gerona was on the border with various territories that had to be guarded against possible attacks, hence the wall was “pampered” so much.

The medieval wall as we know it now was built in the 14th century.

But there is much more …

Do you want to know her better?

In this specific post about the wall of Girona we will talk about it in depth.

5. The portal of Sant Cristófol

After our walk along the wall we will look for the exit of the Roman city through the well-known portal of Sant Cristófol.

This portal was opened to the Força Vella wall in the 14th century. Although this is not the same one that still stands today. At present, the portal that we will visit is a restoration of the original, which was carried out in the 18th century.

From here, we will go down along the walls of Carolingian construction in a pleasant walk. 

And this will take us to our next stop on the Girona Monumental itinerary.

6. Visit to the Arab baths of Girona

In the old town of Girona are the famous Arab baths.

These are Romanesque-style public baths, which have been considered one of the best preserved in existence. With the appearance of Muslim baths (hence its name), this building functioned for centuries as public baths until, in the 15th century, they were closed and passed into private hands, becoming part of a convent.

We will visit the bathrooms inside, and we will tell you all the curiosities and the history around them.

The Medieval Girona tour includes the entrance to this monument.

To learn more about the Arab baths of Girona, click on this link.

7. Visit to the Romanesque monastery of Sant Pere de Galligants

What if we also go into the monasteries of Girona?

The Monastery of Sant Pere de Galligants is an Asset of Cultural Interest that was once a Benedictine abbey.

It was built in the Romanesque style back in the 12th century, and has survived throughout the centuries. Of course, this does not mean that it has not gone through moments of decadence.

The monastery was maintained over the years thanks to donations that allowed for certain reforms. Currently, this building houses the Archaeological Museum of Catalonia, which is one more incentive to visit it.

Our tour also includes the entrance to this monument, which we will visit without haste, to get to know it better.

If you want to know more, we recommend that you click on this link to the page of the Monastery of Sant Pere de Galligants.

The definitive route through the old town of Girona

Are you ready to embark on our itinerary through the medieval city of Girona?

It is certainly a good way to get a very broad view of the city, especially if you have little time to visit it.

But also, if you wonder why hire a guided tour in medieval Girona with us, we will answer it here:

  • So that you don’t worry about the route and the itinerary: we have planned the route for you. In this way, you will fully enjoy Girona’s medieval architecture without setbacks.
  • You will really know the city: thanks to our local guide, you will get to know the history and the most interesting facts of our medieval route through Girona. From the walled Old Quarter (Barri Vell), the Roman ruins of the Força Vella fortress, the Jewish quarter, the cathedral and its gardens, to the Arab baths and the monastery.
  • Without worrying about the tickets: the entrance tickets to the monuments that we have mentioned are already included, so you will not have to queue or worry. You just have to follow our guide to tell you the secrets inside the Arab baths and the monastery.

In addition, it is a walk suitable for families with children.

Of course: we do not recommend this tour for people with reduced mobility.


How to get to the Girona Tour meeting point

The starting point of “Girona Tour: Guided Visits and Tours in Girona |” is located in the heart of Plaça de Catalunya, 17004 Girona. Although depending on the visit the meeting point may vary.

You will find us right next to the Gelateria La Gioconda ice cream parlor.
A 4-minute walk from the Jardines de la Muralla and a 3-minute walk from the Girona City Hall building.

1 minute walk from the Cadaqués Casino Bar

Shirley Colmenares
Shirley Colmenares
Me encantó! Ayer sábado 19/06 mi amiga y yo hicimos con Miquel 2 tour por Girona: en la mañana el completo y en la noche el de Misterios y Leyendas. Muy puntual, amable y con detalles interesantes y divertidos!! Además nos dio recomendaciones para visitar por nuestra cuenta y sitios para comer! La mejor forma de conocer la ciudad! Volveré por más tours 💜
Nathalie Nuñez
Nathalie Nuñez
Hemos tenido la oportunidad de disfrutar de dos tours el día de hoy y ha sido increíble la experiencia. Nuestro guía (Mikel) nos ha enseñado muchos sitios, historias y leyendas muy interesantes y entretenidas. Además siempre ha mostrado una actitud increíble. Solo puedo decir gracias 🙂 y recomendarlo 100%
Tania Trotta Freitas
Tania Trotta Freitas
El tour te ayuda a conocer los puntos claves de la ciudad y su historia, haciendo más interesante aún cada punto visitado. Lo recomiendo!
Ariadna Gallego
Ariadna Gallego
Un recorregut molt bonic per la ciutat, visitant punts emblemàtics i especials. Històries, llegendes i recomanacions gastronòmiques durant tot el tour. Personal proper i amable. Resolent qualsevol dubte a l'instant. Totalment recomanable!! Excel•lent!
Matías González
Matías González
Excelente tour!! Muy profesional y super interesante. Fue en un contexto relajado, lugares increíbles y muchísima información útil! Ha estado de 10!
Richard Daniel Graterol Ramirez
Richard Daniel Graterol Ramirez
Gran experiencia. Conocer Girona así es mucho más divertido y dinámico. 100% recomendado.
Nuria Badenas
Nuria Badenas
El free tour muy completo e interesante, aprendes muchas curiosidades de la ciudad, el guía (Miquel) muy simpático y con sentido del humor eso ha hecho que las historias fueran más entretenidas. Sin duda una buena elección.


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