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Guided tour of the Dalí Museum: everything you need to know

«Geniuses must never die.»

Is this phrase familiar to you?

It is possible since it’s a well-known quote by Salvador Dalí. It became famous due to one of his last interviews and served as the inspiration for Mecano’s popular song «Eungenio Salvador Dalí».

Obviously, the death of great geniuses can’t be avoided (for the time being), but luckily, they leave a legacy of works and knowledge to humanity.

In Dalí’s case, the majority of his creation is in the Dalí Museum, which was also designed by the artist himself, which gives it an even more personal feel.

If you have come this far, you are probably looking for information about Dalí and perhaps you are considering the possibility of taking a guided tour of the Dalí Museum. If so, you are in the right place.

Here, we will provide you with all the information you need to know before visiting the Dalí Museum and we’ll explain the different options available at Girona Tours for a guided tour to the Dalí Museum, depending on your preferences.

Do you want to know everything about the Dalí Museum? Then keep on reading.

And if you want to book a guided tour of the Museum right away, click on this button:

What to choose for your guided tour to the Dalí Museum?

salvador dali theater museum

At Girona Tour, we have several alternatives depending on your needs so that your guided tour to the Dalí Museum is an unforgettable experience.

Let’s see them.

Figueres and Dalí Museum Tour

If you are visiting Figueres and want to also see the Dalí Museum, this tour is for you. It includes an express guided tour of Figueres and the guided tour of the Dalí Museum.

Do you want to make the most of your trip and see Figueres and the Dalí Museum in one day? Then book this tour.

Dalí Museum Figueres + Dalí House Portlligat

If you are seeking to immerse yourself completely in the life and work of the most important artist of surrealism, then this is the tour you were looking for.

We will visit the home of the genius as well as the Dalí Museum, learning not only about his work, but also more personal and intimate aspects.

Do you want to live a full Dalinian experience?

Dalí at night

If you plan to visit the Dalí Theatre-Museum in the summer, we 100% recommend that you do it at night as well, since the night atmosphere gives it an even more surreal touch and the sensation is very different from what you experience during a visit to the Dalí Museum throughout the day.

Do you want to live a surreal night?

Dalí Museum Guided Tour – Dalí Museum Tour

In this case, we’ll see the Dalí Museum exclusively and in detail, so it is ideal for you and your companions if you only want to take a guided tour to enjoy the Dalí Museum.

On the guided tour of the Dalí Museum, we’ll immerse ourselves in the fantastic world of the artist, characterised by his eccentricity but also his genius.

You will learn not only about his works but also about the most private aspects of the most famous author of surrealism.

Come and learn about the life and the art of Salvador Dalí on this guided tour. A tour designed to explore and delve into the life and work of the genius.

We will make a complete tour of all the rooms of the museum, including the exhibition of jewels designed by Dalí, the rainy taxi and the crypt, where the artist is buried.

In addition, we will access the stage, crowned by the famous dome and several elements to highlight: the enormous curtain of The Labyrinth, The Hallucinogenic Toreador and Gala Nude Looking at the Sea Which at 18 Metres Appears the President Lincoln.

As for the duration of the tour, it lasts two hours (1h 30 min).

We like to carry out the tour with small groups so that the experience is more personalised and more intimate, with a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 12.

The meeting point will be at Plaça Gala i Salvador Dalí, 5, 17600 Figueres.

Regarding the prices, they vary depending on age:

  • Adult price: €39.
  • Children: €25 (8-18 years).
  • Retired (+65): €36.
  • Groups (+ 4 pax): €36.

Apart from that, we give you additional information and some recommendations so you can enjoy and get the most out of your visit:

  • Try to arrive 10 minutes before the departure of the tour, so we can start the tour on time and end as scheduled.
  • It is highly advisable to wear comfortable clothes and walking shoes to avoid inappropriate footwear ruining your tour.
  • Photos with flash are not allowed inside the museum, but you can take them as long as you don’t use flash or professional equipment. So, with your mobile phone, you can photograph no problem whatsoever, but without flash.

Now that you have all the information to fully enjoy your guided tour to the Dalí Museum, all you have to do is make a reservation. Contact us by clicking the button below.

Complete visit to Figueres

Besides the Dalí Museum, Figueres has many more charms.

That is why we have created a route in which you will not only visit the wonderful Theatre-Museum, but you will also be able to see other monuments in the historic centre such as the church of Sant Pere or the birthplace of the surrealist artist.

And in addition to that, you will be able to enjoy its wonderful gastronomy and the dynamic local businesses to do your shopping.

Click here for more information on what to see in Figueres.

Practical information and frequently asked questions about the Dalí Museum

Dalí Museum: Where is it?

The Dalí Theatre-Museum is located at Plaça Gala i Salvador Dalí, 5, 17600 Figueres.

If you have time before or after your visit, don’t miss this square either, which has three very unusual monuments. We tell you beforehand that one of them has a marble plaque that says: Sense la Gala e Dalí Encara no sería aquí. 

Furthermore, from the square, you can see and admire the tower of the Church of Sant Pere of Figueres, one of the monuments that you can view if you book the guided tour of Figueres and the Dalí Museum.

dali museum tickets minimum price

How to get to the Dalí Museum?

It depends on which means of transport you choose:

  • If you choose to travel by car, from Barcelona you can take the AP7 motorway (Barcelona-La Jonquera), the Figueres exit or the Nacional II (Barcelona-France). You have to go in the direction of “city centre”.

If you come from Perpignan, you must use the A9 motorway (Perpignan-La Jonquera), and then the National II until you reach Figueres, or the AP7 motorway (La Jonquera-Figueres).

  • If you prefer to travel by train, you have a direct line to Figueres whether you come from Barcelona, Perpignan or Cervera.

The Salvador Dalí Theatre-Museum is a 12-minute walk from the Figueres train station.

You also have the option of travelling by high-speed train from Paris or Barcelona.

  • If you have travelled by plane, you can arrive by bus from the Airports in Gerona, Perpignan, Vilafant and Barcelona.

If you choose to travel by taxi, the phone number for Figueres and Vilafant taxis is 972 500 008.

Where to park at the Dalí Museum?

If you come by car, it is normal for you to wonder where you can park in the museum.

Next to the museum, on Avenida Salvador Dalí, 107 —a few metres away— you have a car park, but there is also a free car park located on Carrer del Rec Arnau.

Dalí Museum in Figueres: opening hours

The opening hours of the museum vary throughout the year, so we recommend you take a look at the Dalí Theatre-Museum website to check possible changes and also to confirm that it is open on the date you want to go.

The timetables in the summer, for example, are usually different from the winter ones.In any case, if you have doubts, you can also contact us.

Ticket prices

These are the different ticket prices:

Peak season (from July 1, 2022, to August 31, 2022):

  • Single: 17 euros.
  • Reduced: 11 euros.
  • Groups of up to 25 people: 10 euros per person.

Off-peak season (from January 1, 2022, to June 30, 2022, and from September 1, 2022, to December 31, 2022):

  • Single: 15 euros.
  • Reduced: 10 euros.
  • Groups of up to 25 people: 10 euros per person.

At Girona Tour we can book your ticket, you just have to click on the link below.

How long does it take to complete the guided tour of the Dalí Museum?

If you decide to take a guided tour of the Dalí Museum with us, it will take around 1 hour and 30 minutes.

If you decide to visit it on your own, it will depend on many factors: the number of pieces that you are interested in seeing, finding your way around the museum, etc.

Terms and conditions of access

Keep these rules in mind before you visit the Dalí Museum:

  • Taking pictures with flash or photographic accessories (i.e. you cannot use a camera as such) is not allowed.
  • The lockers for luggage are closed, so enter the museum with “light luggage”. It’s forbidden to enter:

a) Objects larger than 35 x 35 x 25 cm.

b) Umbrellas, luggage or bulky objects in general.

c) Backpacks, rucksacks or other bags

d) Pushchairs or any other object that authorised personnel consider a risk to the museum security.

  • It is forbidden to touch any of the works or installations exhibited.
  • Smoking, eating and drinking are not allowed inside the museum facilities.
  • Animals are not allowed, except for guide dogs.

People with disabilities or reduced mobility

The Dalí Theatre-Museum, being located in the ruins of the old theatre, makes access difficult for people with reduced mobility, as stated in this section of the museum’s official website.

The areas that can be visited in a wheelchair are:

  • The central courtyard with the installation of the Rainy Cadillac.
  • The stage.
  • The ground floor and below the stage, where the crypt is located.
  • La Sala de las Pescaderías. (The Fishmongers’ Room)

It is impossible to access the rest of the museum with a wheelchair.

There are also toilets for people with reduced mobility.

Regarding the prices, people with disabilities or reduced mobility have free admission in the following cases:

  • If they have more than 50% of any type of disability.
  • In cases of physical disability with reduced mobility or the need to use a wheelchair.

Guided tour of the Salvador Dalí Museum with children: 6 tips

When we travel with children, it is normal for us to ask ourselves what activities may be more interesting for them, since what we are looking for is for them to have fun and not get bored, to enjoy it the same amount as us or even more.

So, you will ask yourself: is it a good idea to visit the Dalí Museum with my children? Will they get bored? Will they learn something?

The answer is an absolute yes since it is a very special museum and different from the others. It is not just another museum with paintings, sculptures and other works of art, but all its work encourages imagination and fun, and the rooms are full of surprises, which motivates the children a lot.

We give you six tips to make that visit even more fun and exciting for the little ones:

  1. Book your tickets in advance: this way you will avoid waiting and long queues. And it is a known fact that children hate waiting. With Girona Tour, you can get your ticket in advance by booking a guided tour of the Dalí Museum with us, or we can manage the reservation of your tickets if you click here.
  2. You can tell them about the history of the museum and of Dalí before the visit, which is very interesting: or even show them photos like the one in this article, YouTube videos, etc. The point is to generate expectation. Of course, once there, the best thing is for someone to explain the story to them in an enjoyable and fun way, as our guides do, who are used to working with children.
  3. Find out about the opening hours in advance: on the official website of the museum, you can confirm if the day you plan on visiting the Museum is open and their timetables, but you can also contact us and we will inform you without any obligation whatsoever.
  4. Let the kids have fun: for example, let them climb on the black Cadillac. If you insert a coin, you can see how it rains from inside. They will surely love it! Introduce them to art as a game, showing them Mae West’s room from afar to appreciate the actress’s face.
  5. Buy a souvenir for them at the end of the tour: in the museum shop you can find all kinds of gifts without having to spend a fortune. For example, you can buy a lips shaped rubber of Mae West, which is only 2.90. They can use it at school and this will surely create a good memory of the visit.
  6. Go for a walk outside the museum: and let the children run around and play. The beauty of this museum is not limited to the interior. Take a walk with your children around the area and enjoy the museum as a whole.

Why book a guided tour at the Dalí Museum? We give you 4 reasons

If you found this article, you are probably thinking of booking a guided tour of the Dalí Museum. If you are still hesitating, at Girona Tour we give you 4 reasons for you to do so:

  1. You save time: you will avoid having to queue when you arrive or having to cancel your visit in the case that the tickets are sold out.
  2. You just have to focus on enjoying yourself: you do not need to carry a map that is usually offered at the entrance, since the guides know the museum perfectly, so they will be your compass in your guided tour.
  3. You learn more: unless you have an Art History degree and you are passionate about the world of surrealism and Salvador Dalí, if you go on your own you will miss everything that the guides can teach you about the genius and all his work. At Girona Tour, we have guides with solid training and experience who will entertainingly explain to you the history behind the artist’s most relevant creations, as well as secrets and curiosities that you will miss if you decide to visit on your own.
  4. You can meet new people: if you do the tour with different people other than your travel companions.

Now you may be wondering about the health and safety measures on your guided tour of the Dalí Museum. It is normal, due to the pandemic situation that we have gone through and still keeps on going.

In this sense, you can rest assured that both the Museum and us comply with them.

And how do we do it?

  • Working only with small groups, which guarantees the safety distance and prevents crowds.
  • We wear masks throughout the tour and require visitors to wear them as well.
  • Before beginning the tour, our guides take the temperature of all visitors.
  • We offer hand gel before, during and once the guided tour of the Dalí Museum has finished.

History of the Dalí Museum

The Dalí Theatre-Museum was inaugurated in 1974. It’s called that as it was built on the remains of the old Figueres Municipal Theatre.

As we mentioned previously, a peculiarity about this museum is that it was designed by Dalí himself, the goal being that the person who visits it lives a unique experience and travels for a day to the world and the ideas of the artist.

Therefore, if you go to this museum, you will be able to enjoy Dalí’s work and wander through the whole trajectory of the genius.

dali museum
Museo dali
dali museum

Origin of the Dalí Theatre-Museum

At the beginning of the 1960s, Ramón Guardiola —back then the mayor of Figueres— asked Salvador Dalí to donate one of his works to the Museu de l’Empordà.

Salvador Dalí’s response could not be more surprising…

He decides to give him an entire museum with his works!

So, Salvador Dalí chose the Municipal Theatre for the construction of the Dalí Museum, of which only there were remains since it had been destroyed by a fire at the end of the Civil War and had been reduced to a façade and exterior walls.

The reasons for his choice of the old Municipal Theatre of Figueres were the following:

  • The theatre is located opposite the church in which he was baptised.
  • It was in the lobby of the theatre that he exhibited his first painting.
  • He considered himself a theatrical painter.

The Dalí museum today

At this moment in time, we can find approximately 1500 works of the genius, including paintings, sculptures, photographs, etc.

The Dalí Museum is divided into three rooms:

  • The Theatre-Museum in the strict sense: formed by the old Municipal Theatre.
  • The rooms that are part of the expansions of the Theatre-Museum: where Dalí hardly intervened, but in which numerous works by the artist are found.
  • The Dalí-Jewellery exhibition rooms: launched in 2001. Dalí began designing jewellery in the 1940s and the collection continued to expand until 1970. Here you will be able to find unique pieces along with designs made by the painter.

Among the most outstanding works on display at the Museum, the ones that stand out the most are Self-portrait with “L’Humanité” (1923), Portrait of Gala with Two Lamb Chops in Equilibrium upon Her Shoulder (1933), Soft Self-Portrait with Grilled Bacon (1941), The Basket of Bread (1945), Leda Atomica (1949) and Galatea of the Spheres (1952)

But not only will we find important pictures and paintings by the artist, but also pieces that were intended and created explicitly for the museum: paintings, sculptures or monuments, such as the Mae West Room and the Rainy Cadillac, which we will talk about next.

Besides that, in addition to his own creations, you will also find works by other artists, such as El Greco, Marcel Duchamp or Bouguereau.

And lastly, you can visit the crypt with his tomb.

teatro museo dali
salvador dali museo

Rooms of the Dalí Museum

Next, we will do a brief tour of the Museum so you can get to know it perfectly before your guided tour of the Dalí Museum.

We leave you this map of the Salvador Dalí Foundation so that you can locate yourself and this link to visit the Museum virtually.

We are going to see the different floors and we are going to explain what you can find in each one of them.


Courtyard and stage of the Dalí Museum

The first room you’ll come across in the museum is the lobby, its name origin being as it was the former lobby of the theatre.

Being the first room, Dalí here grants the spotlight to the most important artists, characters and artistic movements that most influenced him.

salvador dali museum

Once you go through the lobby, you will access a courtyard. As soon as you enter, you will find Dalí’s sculpture Rainy Taxi, which is a Cadillac with two occupants who are mannequins. This artwork was created as a gift to his wife Gala.

In the front seat is a male chauffeur with a shark head and in the back is a woman.

At the back, there is a column that supports the boat that Dalí and Gala used to navigate.

dali museum inside

Then you can access the famous dome, where the tomb of Salvador Dalí is located, who died on January 23, 1989. It was he who explicitly requested to be buried in this museum.

museo teatro dali

And lastly, on this floor, it is worth highlighting the Treasure Room, in which Dalí’s important works such as The Basket of Bread or The Specter of Sex-Appeal coexist.

dali museum schedule

Ground floor

Here is the Sala de las Pescaderías (The Fishmongers’ Room), where Dalí’s famous work Soft Self-Portrait with Grilled Bacon is located, with which he wants to symbolise organic matter and his breakfast at the Hotel Saint Regis in New York.

dali museum where is it

First Floor (Part One)

In the corridor of this first floor the unique example of the Retrospective Bust of a Woman is located, which was one of the first sculptures by Salvador Dalí.


Afterwards, we will access the Mae West Room, which is one of the most popular at the Dalí Theatre-Museum, where the actress is represented through pieces of furniture:

  • An organic fireplace, which represents the nose.
  • A sofa in the shape of lips.
  • Two impressionist paintings of the Seine River in Paris, which act as eyes.

Despite being surreal, it can indeed remind us of later artistic movements, such as Pop-Art

Dalí museum schedules

Aren’t you just yearning to sit on the sofa? We let you know in advance that it is not very comfortable.

First Floor (Part Two)

The Palace of the Wind Room is located here, the ceiling somewhat resembles Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, with Dalí and Gala being the main characters.

museo de salvador dali

Loggia Room is also located on this floor, where there are stereoscopes, which are pairs of almost identical images placed next to each other. Their main characteristic is that they convey a sensation of depth, of relief, of a three-dimensional image.

dali museum tickets minimum price


How to get to the Girona Tour meeting point

The starting point of “Girona Tour: Guided Visits and Tours in Girona |” is located in the heart of Plaça de Catalunya, 17004 Girona. Although depending on the visit the meeting point may vary.

You will find us right next to the Gelateria La Gioconda ice cream parlor.
A 4-minute walk from the Jardines de la Muralla and a 3-minute walk from the Girona City Hall building.

1 minute walk from the Cadaqués Casino Bar

Shirley Colmenares
Shirley Colmenares
Me encantó! Ayer sábado 19/06 mi amiga y yo hicimos con Miquel 2 tour por Girona: en la mañana el completo y en la noche el de Misterios y Leyendas. Muy puntual, amable y con detalles interesantes y divertidos!! Además nos dio recomendaciones para visitar por nuestra cuenta y sitios para comer! La mejor forma de conocer la ciudad! Volveré por más tours 💜
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Nathalie Nuñez
Hemos tenido la oportunidad de disfrutar de dos tours el día de hoy y ha sido increíble la experiencia. Nuestro guía (Mikel) nos ha enseñado muchos sitios, historias y leyendas muy interesantes y entretenidas. Además siempre ha mostrado una actitud increíble. Solo puedo decir gracias 🙂 y recomendarlo 100%
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Tania Trotta Freitas
El tour te ayuda a conocer los puntos claves de la ciudad y su historia, haciendo más interesante aún cada punto visitado. Lo recomiendo!
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Ariadna Gallego
Un recorregut molt bonic per la ciutat, visitant punts emblemàtics i especials. Històries, llegendes i recomanacions gastronòmiques durant tot el tour. Personal proper i amable. Resolent qualsevol dubte a l'instant. Totalment recomanable!! Excel•lent!
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Matías González
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Nuria Badenas
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